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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


After getting home from North Dakota, which by the way is a very long drive, we went to twin lakes for a little camping trip. To be honest, I don't love sleeping in tents but I was willing to do it because I thought the trip would be fun! After finally getting there, Trevor and my dad were there to meet us and Trevor took Talan for a little while to play. Yay, a break for me! The fishing was fun, but I got a sunburn...and poor little Talan burnt his face. I guess we didn't get sunscreen on him fast enough! It was a crazy weekend but we had lots of fun!!

Talan's First Trip

Because I just love to fly on airplanes, my sister Mandy decided to fly me out to her house in North Dakota for a visit and to drive back to Idaho with her. Well let me tell you that I HATE airplanes! Everything that day went better than expected, but there were a few bumps throughout the day. Waking up at 6:00 a.m. is not something I like to do, but I was able to get up and get things ready on time, then wake up Talan and get him dressed in enough time for Nikki to come pick us up and take us to the airport. After checking my bags and getting my boarding pass, I went to security where the lady informed me that I needed an actual ticket for Talan. Well I didn't have one....she let me through anyway. Phew! We got through the rest of security smoothly, usually I beep when I walk through the thing and they have to check my bags or take the wand to me or something. Thank my lucky stars!! We found our gate with no trouble and waited for our plane. Boy was I NERVOUS! Luckily no one gave me trouble about not have a ticket for Talan, once on the plane, I of course got stuck next to a CRAZY LADY! All she could talk about was how bad she needed her coffee and she hadn't had it yet that morning and she needed it so bad and on and on and on. AHH!! That ride was smooth enough that i didn't get very sick. YAY! Once in Denver I had to walk clear across the airport to the "little airplane" section. Yep thats right, I had the get on a misquito of an airplane! By the time I got to my gate I was out of breath and hot and sweaty! Talan weighs A LOT by the way. I suddenly hear my name on the intercom telling me to check in at another gate....grr!!! I back track 5 gates and check in, no problem. We then have to walk out of the airport to where the little planes are parked and walk up the little steps onto one of the smallest planes I've been on. (the last on I rode that was that small.....I puked....) Once on the thing the ride was smooth until the landing into Williston where my sister lives. It was so windy!!! The plane was up and down, then sideways, then up and down again....I couldn't wait to get on the ground! Finally landed seeing my sister and the kids made it all worth it! I had a good time with them!