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Friday, December 11, 2009

The past month!

So since I last posted (which was a long time ago!) lots has happened! These aren't exactly in chronalogical order, but this is how our last 5 weeks have been.

We went to Idaho to get our Christmas tree. This was Talan's first time being bundled up and being out in the snow. There wasn't very much snow, but it was way stinkin cold! He had lots of fun playing with Josh and Trevin(who wasn't so happy to be there) and thanks to daddy, Talan got to ride in a sled with the other two boys!

I just really loved this picture! Pretty much sums up how our days go.

Birthday cake and Grandma and Grandpa Tammie's, Talan shares his birthday with Grandpa! We celebrated Talan, Grandpa and Trevin's birthdays because they are so close together.

Birthday cake and Grandma and Grandpa Deb Deb's house. He LOVED it!

He loved opening presents! Once he figured out how to rip open the paper he had a ball! Now he thinks that all presents need to be opened....including the ones under my tree!

Talan learned to walk! Such a big milestone in his life! He still isn't very good at it, but he indeed can walk from place to place!

Nikki and Daniel got married, I did lots of the flowers and if I might say so, it was beautiful! Trevor's cousin mandy helped me out and we made a good team!

Ok, this was clear back in October when my sister Mandy came to visit, but while she was here we celebrated all our mine and my siblings birthdays. It was lots of fun to all be together!