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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where does the diaper go?

The other day I asked Trevor to go get me a diaper. He came back with the diaper and decided it would be funny to put it on Talan's head to see what he would do....He LOVED it! All three of us were laughing hysterically! He is getting so big I can't even believe it!

We also went to Idaho a couple of weekends ago and spent some time with my sister Shara and her two boys. We had so much fun! We gave all three boys a bath together and we got some cute pictures...unfortunately, we had a hard time trying to cut out little wee wee's so I can't post any of them on here. But they are really cute! Before the bath I stipped the babies down to their diapers and they were both so cute and chubby, so of course I had to take some pictures!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter started for us on Saturday night when we dyed Easter eggs at Grandma Debbie's. Talan had no idea what was going on or what to do, but it was fun trying to get him to at least hold an egg. He thought he was such a big boy and had a blast with all the attention.

It was so fun to put together an Easter basket for Talan this year. I'm excited for the holidays to come and to get to do fun things with my kids! Even though Talan didn't really know what was going on, Trevor and I had fun giving him his basket and letting him play with his toys and put him in his little Easter suit. We went to Grandma Daley's for lunch and then we were off the Grandma and Grandpa Workman's for a BBQ. The Easter Bunny visited at Grandma Workman's, Talan wasn't in the best mood and it was hard to get him to smile for he camera. We had a fun day but by the end Talan was TIRED and CRANKY and needless to say, went to sleep quickly that night!

That same day, we had Talan in his horse jumper and he loves that thing! Well as Trevor and I were making rice crispy treats Talan got tired. He suddenly got really quiet, so I went in the check on him and this is what I found....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eating cereal off a spoon

Yesterday I decided to try giving Talan cereal from a spoon, so far I've just added it to his bottle and given it to him that way. The first few bites were very uninvited! He wanted absolutely nothing to do with it, spitting it back out as he screamed became a fun game! So I tried giving him a little formula from his bottle so he wasn't so hungry, then try the cereal worked!! The problem I discovered, was that he as so hungry and cereal doesn't give instant gratification. It takes longer to feel full when he eats cereal, so once I got something in his stomach so he wasn't so hungry...he loved the cereal! Talan kind of has an attitude, and if it's not what he wants when he wants it, he's mad. Therefore from now on, I'll have to give him a bottle and then cereal....

We also went to Idaho to visit my parents this last weekend and it was a blast!! I got to spend a couple of days with my mom and we had lots of fun. We mostly just bummed around in Idaho Falls, but I found the cutest Easter church outfit for Talan(I'll post those pictures when he wears it on Easter) and I also found stuff to make Talan some pacifier holders. They are adorable!! He likes to spit out his pacifier all the time and we are constantly washing it off after its been on a nasty floor. I looked for some at the stores we went to over the weekend and its actually really hard to find them! Most stores had the same kind...not the kind I needed! I had no idea there were so many different kinds of them!

Grandma and Grandpa has such a fun time playing with Talan! Grandma figured out that he loves to sit in a high chair and play with a ring to a canning jar and she had a baggie with candy in it and he loved that! He also loved grandma's yogurt and Grandpa's cream cheese frosting. Go figure! Grandpa tried putting his hat on Talan and he thought that was great! It was so cute!! We had such a great time and can't wait to go up there again!!!