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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anniversary and Easter

This year was our 5 year anniversary so we wanted to do something fun to celebrate. We ended up at the Homestead resort in Midway, and it was really fun! There were lots of little cottages to stay in and they have lots of activities going on all the time there. We didn't have a lot of time, but we did get one-hour massages and that was the BEST part! I mentioned the cottages to stay in....well we didn't get one of those. Our room was in a little building that looked kind of ancient! But it was still cute and we still had a fun time! They had some amazing fudge that we got when we checked in. YUMMY! After our massages, we went down the the restaurant to get some dessert. We couldn't decide on what we wanted as we both wanted something different! We ended up with a HUGE banana split. The next morning we got up to TONS of snow! We got ready and went out to explore the place. They had cute little gazeebos that were lit up the night before with lights. Quite a romantic setting, but it was way to cold to sit out in them the night before. All in all we had a blast and some much needed time together!

The "$10 Banana Split" Trevor insisted on getting. It was good but orange creamsicle cheesecake would have been better!!! That was also on the menu but we ended up with the banana split.

In our robes before our wonderful massages!!! AMAZING!

You can't really tell but this is the crater that you could go swim in or scuba dive. If we would have had more time and money we would have done this for sure!

This year for Easter Talan got a new 4-wheeler! Its battery operated and he loves to ride it all over the house! So cute!