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Friday, December 3, 2010

Just a bunch of pictures!

Here are some random pics over the past few months! We've been super busy so all you get is just completely random pictures of Talan! He's getting so big and will be turning 2 this sunday. I can't believe it! I will post pics of his birthday after we have his second party with Trevor's fam.

Got into Mommy's make up!

The night of the Stitches! Bad bad news!

Viva Las Vegas

Ok Ok this happened way back in October! We had a girls trip to Las Vegas for Mandy's 30th birthday and It was was blast! We spend about 2 1/2 days there and that was not even close to enough time to see everything! To read more about the trip just go to Shara's blog!

The Aquarium and Mandalay Bay

M&M World

Enough said.

The view

The Hotel