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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So June 29th I was crazy enough to go to the midnight showing of "Eclipse" and it was a BLAST! I've never been to a midnight showing of a movie before because I was either not crazy before or I have just been a party pooper this whole time! There is a first for everything and this first was so fun!! We got tickets to a party at Pirate Island with all inclusive dinner, raffle, movie and treats! The movie was amazing, minus being in the front row and getting pretty motion sick! It was so worth the sleep deprivation the next day!

The Girls before we got the party started!

They handed out bite mark tatoos and Mandy and I were the only ones to put them on...Hilarious!

They had a raffle for some awesome Twilight stuff! Me, my mom and mandy all sat on one side of the table while shara keli and Derek sat on the other...looks like our side was the lucky one! My mom won some perfume, Mandy won a cute make up bag and I won a necklace! Woopee!

Waiting for the movie!