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Friday, December 11, 2009

The past month!

So since I last posted (which was a long time ago!) lots has happened! These aren't exactly in chronalogical order, but this is how our last 5 weeks have been.

We went to Idaho to get our Christmas tree. This was Talan's first time being bundled up and being out in the snow. There wasn't very much snow, but it was way stinkin cold! He had lots of fun playing with Josh and Trevin(who wasn't so happy to be there) and thanks to daddy, Talan got to ride in a sled with the other two boys!

I just really loved this picture! Pretty much sums up how our days go.

Birthday cake and Grandma and Grandpa Tammie's, Talan shares his birthday with Grandpa! We celebrated Talan, Grandpa and Trevin's birthdays because they are so close together.

Birthday cake and Grandma and Grandpa Deb Deb's house. He LOVED it!

He loved opening presents! Once he figured out how to rip open the paper he had a ball! Now he thinks that all presents need to be opened....including the ones under my tree!

Talan learned to walk! Such a big milestone in his life! He still isn't very good at it, but he indeed can walk from place to place!

Nikki and Daniel got married, I did lots of the flowers and if I might say so, it was beautiful! Trevor's cousin mandy helped me out and we made a good team!

Ok, this was clear back in October when my sister Mandy came to visit, but while she was here we celebrated all our mine and my siblings birthdays. It was lots of fun to all be together!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's Halloween Time!

This year for Halloween we decided to all be penguins. Talan has had his costume since before he was even born, so Trevor and I thought we should match him. I don't have pictures of the three of us yet, but here are some of Talan at his photo shoot at Hee Haw Farms.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family Pics

Getting all three of us looking at the camera was quite a challenge, let alone all of us smiling. We had a good time getting these taken and I'm glad its finally done! I've wanted to get family pictures taken for such a long time. Thanks Ashley!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Naughty, Naughty, Naughty

Late Saturday night I was busy getting things ready for family pictures and walked into Talans room to find he thought he needed to clean out his drawer where I keep all of his outfits.....such a little stinker.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pictures of the kid

Even when I fall asleep I won't let go of my bottle!
I love to stand up in my crib! Its so fun!

I know, I'm super cool.

I love to splash!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I've been really bad about blogging lately. Sorry! A quick update on whats going on in our lives. Talan is currently standing up in his crib grunting aka-pooping and smelling up the room very quickly. Lucky Mommy....
Other than that he is crawling everywhere and getting into everything! He loves that he is mobil now and he follows me everywhere I go. At least now he doesn't throw a complete fit when I leave the room, he just comes too and now I have to get used to tripping over him. We love being home together! Trevor is still at the pipe plant. Who the heck knows when they will actually shut the place down. Hopefully not for a while. As for me, I got my floral design license so I can get flowers at wholesale and sell them myself. I'm hoping that little business will pick up and I can start making some money from home.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Lots has happened since I last posted....After we got home from Twin Lakes, my family came down for Strawberry Days! We had so much fun. We went to Hogle Zoo that Wednesday morning, then that night we went to the rodeo and boy did we get WET! It rained the whole time, but we had lots of fun anyways! We love to go every year. We were a little bummed that it was so cold because we didn't get to take Talan. We were so excited for him to go to his first rodeo....My mom was nice enough to keep him and Shara's little guy Trevin at my house while the rest of us went.

After Strawberry Days I went to Girls Camp the next week. I had such a hard time leaving Talan and Trevor for 4 days! I've never left Talan for more than a couple of hours, so 4 days was very very hard for me! We went to Flaming Gorge in southern UT and it was actually lots of fun! We went cliff jumping, rafting and then hiked to a cave. It rained the whole day of the hike so we were very miserable the whole time, but when we returned to camp it was all worth it! I was so happy to get home to my boys!

The week after Girls camp was the 4th of July. Talan and I went to Idaho to spend it with my family and Trevor went camping with his. We had a blast! We went to the parade in the morning then to my Grandpa's for a BBQ that night. After the BBQ we watched to fireworks in my Grandpa's alley way behind his house. I love the 4th in Idaho! I was supposed to go home the following monday, but due to stuff that kept getting in the way of my return, I stayed and extra week with my mom. I love her! Talan and I had a great time with her.

This last weekend we had a reunion on my side of the family so my mom came down for that. It was so fun to see her again!
Talan LOVED riding the 4-wheeler with Papa! Everytime Talan would get whiney, I handed him to my dad I said take him for a ride!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


After getting home from North Dakota, which by the way is a very long drive, we went to twin lakes for a little camping trip. To be honest, I don't love sleeping in tents but I was willing to do it because I thought the trip would be fun! After finally getting there, Trevor and my dad were there to meet us and Trevor took Talan for a little while to play. Yay, a break for me! The fishing was fun, but I got a sunburn...and poor little Talan burnt his face. I guess we didn't get sunscreen on him fast enough! It was a crazy weekend but we had lots of fun!!

Talan's First Trip

Because I just love to fly on airplanes, my sister Mandy decided to fly me out to her house in North Dakota for a visit and to drive back to Idaho with her. Well let me tell you that I HATE airplanes! Everything that day went better than expected, but there were a few bumps throughout the day. Waking up at 6:00 a.m. is not something I like to do, but I was able to get up and get things ready on time, then wake up Talan and get him dressed in enough time for Nikki to come pick us up and take us to the airport. After checking my bags and getting my boarding pass, I went to security where the lady informed me that I needed an actual ticket for Talan. Well I didn't have one....she let me through anyway. Phew! We got through the rest of security smoothly, usually I beep when I walk through the thing and they have to check my bags or take the wand to me or something. Thank my lucky stars!! We found our gate with no trouble and waited for our plane. Boy was I NERVOUS! Luckily no one gave me trouble about not have a ticket for Talan, once on the plane, I of course got stuck next to a CRAZY LADY! All she could talk about was how bad she needed her coffee and she hadn't had it yet that morning and she needed it so bad and on and on and on. AHH!! That ride was smooth enough that i didn't get very sick. YAY! Once in Denver I had to walk clear across the airport to the "little airplane" section. Yep thats right, I had the get on a misquito of an airplane! By the time I got to my gate I was out of breath and hot and sweaty! Talan weighs A LOT by the way. I suddenly hear my name on the intercom telling me to check in at another gate....grr!!! I back track 5 gates and check in, no problem. We then have to walk out of the airport to where the little planes are parked and walk up the little steps onto one of the smallest planes I've been on. (the last on I rode that was that small.....I puked....) Once on the thing the ride was smooth until the landing into Williston where my sister lives. It was so windy!!! The plane was up and down, then sideways, then up and down again....I couldn't wait to get on the ground! Finally landed seeing my sister and the kids made it all worth it! I had a good time with them!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fun weekend and Grass???

This past weekend, my family came down to visit! Shara had a scrapbook overnighter up in ogden area so my mom and I kept her kids at my house while she went. We had a blast! This picture is of the morning after Shara left, the two babies were getting a little fussy so my mom got both of them and put them on the couch together. They loved it! It was adorable!

Today I took Talan to the park because it was a nice day and I wanted to get out of the house for a bit. I called my friend Candace and asked if she would like to meet us there. We had so much fun! We walked on the path around the park for a while, then I wanted to see how Talan would like the grass. He LOVED it! I thought he might freak out and hate it, but no, he liked the feel of it. He sat on it and just kicked his legs in excitement. Hilarious!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where does the diaper go?

The other day I asked Trevor to go get me a diaper. He came back with the diaper and decided it would be funny to put it on Talan's head to see what he would do....He LOVED it! All three of us were laughing hysterically! He is getting so big I can't even believe it!

We also went to Idaho a couple of weekends ago and spent some time with my sister Shara and her two boys. We had so much fun! We gave all three boys a bath together and we got some cute pictures...unfortunately, we had a hard time trying to cut out little wee wee's so I can't post any of them on here. But they are really cute! Before the bath I stipped the babies down to their diapers and they were both so cute and chubby, so of course I had to take some pictures!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter started for us on Saturday night when we dyed Easter eggs at Grandma Debbie's. Talan had no idea what was going on or what to do, but it was fun trying to get him to at least hold an egg. He thought he was such a big boy and had a blast with all the attention.

It was so fun to put together an Easter basket for Talan this year. I'm excited for the holidays to come and to get to do fun things with my kids! Even though Talan didn't really know what was going on, Trevor and I had fun giving him his basket and letting him play with his toys and put him in his little Easter suit. We went to Grandma Daley's for lunch and then we were off the Grandma and Grandpa Workman's for a BBQ. The Easter Bunny visited at Grandma Workman's, Talan wasn't in the best mood and it was hard to get him to smile for he camera. We had a fun day but by the end Talan was TIRED and CRANKY and needless to say, went to sleep quickly that night!

That same day, we had Talan in his horse jumper and he loves that thing! Well as Trevor and I were making rice crispy treats Talan got tired. He suddenly got really quiet, so I went in the check on him and this is what I found....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eating cereal off a spoon

Yesterday I decided to try giving Talan cereal from a spoon, so far I've just added it to his bottle and given it to him that way. The first few bites were very uninvited! He wanted absolutely nothing to do with it, spitting it back out as he screamed became a fun game! So I tried giving him a little formula from his bottle so he wasn't so hungry, then try the cereal worked!! The problem I discovered, was that he as so hungry and cereal doesn't give instant gratification. It takes longer to feel full when he eats cereal, so once I got something in his stomach so he wasn't so hungry...he loved the cereal! Talan kind of has an attitude, and if it's not what he wants when he wants it, he's mad. Therefore from now on, I'll have to give him a bottle and then cereal....

We also went to Idaho to visit my parents this last weekend and it was a blast!! I got to spend a couple of days with my mom and we had lots of fun. We mostly just bummed around in Idaho Falls, but I found the cutest Easter church outfit for Talan(I'll post those pictures when he wears it on Easter) and I also found stuff to make Talan some pacifier holders. They are adorable!! He likes to spit out his pacifier all the time and we are constantly washing it off after its been on a nasty floor. I looked for some at the stores we went to over the weekend and its actually really hard to find them! Most stores had the same kind...not the kind I needed! I had no idea there were so many different kinds of them!

Grandma and Grandpa has such a fun time playing with Talan! Grandma figured out that he loves to sit in a high chair and play with a ring to a canning jar and she had a baggie with candy in it and he loved that! He also loved grandma's yogurt and Grandpa's cream cheese frosting. Go figure! Grandpa tried putting his hat on Talan and he thought that was great! It was so cute!! We had such a great time and can't wait to go up there again!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Talan discoverd his hands a while ago and now won't keep them out of his mouth! He loves to stare at them while he holds them in front of his face, then before you know it he's sucking on them. Today after church, he would stick them in his mouth and hurry and take them out and make the funniest face! He looked like his hands were disgusting! I don't know if there was something on them or what but he didn't not like the taste of them. He's starting to love his feet as well. He tries to grab them when he's sitting up. It is so funny! He now grabs on to his toys and puts them in his mouth...thats where everything goes that he get a hold of!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playing Catch up!

I told all of you in the very beginning that I wasn't good at this blog stuff and keeping it updated. But to tell you a little about whats going on.....Talan is now almost 12 weeks old! HOLY SMOKES! Time flies by so fast, I can't even believe it. He is now holding his head up really well, he reaches for things and is starting to figure out how to hold on the toys. He is getting so big! Not to mention getting really fat! I love his little budda (however you spell it) belly! He has rolls on this thighs and arms and I love to tickle them!

We went to Trevor's parents for the superbowl and boy was that funny! So Talan had a poopy diaper and I asked Trevor to change it. He told me no he didn't want to. So I kept telling him to be a big boy and just go change the diaper. Well he goes up stairs to change in and tells me to come up too. I get up there and not 2 minutes later I see him cupping his hands over his mouth and he was puking into them. I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my cheeks and could barely even finish changing Talan. HA HA!

I just got back Sunday from spending a week in Idaho. That was so fun! Mandy came in from North Dakota to spend the week, and Shara came from Jerome. we had a blast together. The kids loved the new babies and it was good to get everyone together.

We blessed Talan on Feb. 8th. What a wonderful day and experience. Trevor did such a good job! We had a house full afterwards for lunch and had fun spending time with mine and Trevor's families.